Value proposition

Everside's best practice investing platform makes it an value-add partner for many entrepreneurs, family owned businesses and fund managers and investors. 

We maximize risk-reward in a fee efficient manner by strategically building a high quality portfolio of US Small Business loans through three complementary pillars:



Direct loans

Partnership-style Fund Investments

Secondary Investment


Benefits for our portfolio companies and financial sponsors:

  • Long-term patient investor with permanent capital
  • Flexible and creative structures with ability to meet financing needs
  • Active in all market environments
  • Ability to grow capital base with clients' needs over time
  • Execution speed
  • Higher certainty of closing
  • Significant resources and managerial assistance
  • Deep industry relationships

Benefits for our investors:

  • Dedicated and experienced professionals
  • The power of the Everside platform: access to relationships, market intelligence, deal flow, research, infrastructure, due diligence and expertise across our investment platforms
  • Returns to shareholders generated through net interest and dividends from investments, fee income, and, in some cases, net capital gains from equity investments that may be made alongside our debt investments
  •  Long-term and short-term strategies focused on maximizing relative value through economic cycles
  • Multi-asset class track record and expertise (senior debt, subordinated debt, private equity)
  • Disciplined growth with a focus on long-term value creation and capital preservation