Market attributes


  • Equity-like returns with senior debt-like risk characteristics
  • Industry is not "plagued" by asset gatherers
  • Quarterly distributions   

Alignment of interest

  • Strong alignment of interest with investors
  • Strong underwriting discipline as assets are kept on balance sheet


  • Small Medium Sized Enterprises ("SMEs") have struggled since the financial crisis to find banking partners to finance growth opportunities 
  • Large marketplace allowing for highly selective investment strategy 
  • Not boom or bust like other large credit markets

Proven track record

  • Strong historical returns across multiple credit cycles

Lower risk 

  • Senior secured
  • Low leverage
  • Diversification
  • Proven track record
  • Positive free cash flow businesses only
  • Covenants always present
  • Board representation

Value proposition

Everside's best practice investing platform makes it a value-add partner for many entrepreneurs, family owned businesses and fund managers and investors.  


  • Diversified across geography and by industry
  • Carefully constructed portfolio to optimize risk-reward 


  • Efficient way to invest in a large, inefficient and fragmented marketplace
  • Nimble capital provider with strong investment experience 

We maximize risk-reward by strategically building a high quality portfolio of US Small Business loans through three complementary pillars: